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Personal Training

The best way to achieve great results is with our One on One sessions. We train all ages (12 yo and over) and design programs to suit your fitness level.

Work towards YOUR goals with qualified trainers.

Feel great about yourself, your body and increase your self esteem. Enjoy Exercise!


Partner Training

Two clients with one trainer.

Cost effective and fun! Increases your training time and you get to spend time with family & friends training together!

Enjoy the benefits of longer training sessions - One hour sessions.



SAMASH45, Core & Stretch, Boxing.

Group cardio options that will make you sweat! Classes are 60 minute duration.

Fun and friendly environment. Come and try for free!



An injury can be a setback but at Fitness Energy our highly qualified trainers can keep you training.

Acute and chronic conditions can be managed whilst you still work on your fitness, posture and balance.

We work with many allied health professionals and ensure you train for realistic goals.

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Weight Loss

Good nutrition and consistent exercise are the keys to long term health. Diets don't work but Fitness Energy trainers will devise an eating plan to suit your lifestyle.
We understand that you can't be good all the time, so we will incorporate strategies to help you deal with food issues and avoid temptations. Whether it is emotional eating, portion sizes, stress or the need for more information about healthy eating we can guide you.

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Our wellness programs for seniors are designed to improve your fitness, posture and flexibility.
As we age it is important to maintain your body in peak physical condition and regular training will keep you in tip-top condition to enjoy your lifestyle.

Individual programs designed by our highly skilled trainers will take into account any existing ailments. Let's start!


Athlete Development

Regular analysis helps you track your progress. Customised to suit your needs, our development programs have helped our athletes achieve great success in their chosen sporting fields.

Stay motivated towards your goals, work on core and technique to get the best from your body.

Body scanning available.

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Event Training

Is there a marathon you are keen to do, do you have an obstable course on your bucket list?

We organise groups and participant in a variety of events.

Let us know what is on your list and we will help you achieve it.

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Outdoor Programs

Group cardio sessions. Supplement your training program out in the fresh air, having some fun and by the way you won't even feel like you're exercising.

Whether it's general fitness or sports specific we will get you motivated and improve your skills.

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