Group training takes the advantages of personal training and applies them to a group setting. This session is an individually targeted workout in a group setting. Our staff will provide an individualized program for you to complete based on your own needs and goals. With a maximum of 6 in each session you will work on a program designed specifically for your needs whilst still enjoying the fun and friendly atmosphere of group training.

This setting allows us to invite you to bring your friends and family to train with you. We can run private sessions if you have a group of your own, or you can join one of our public sessions as an individual and still enjoy the cheaper alternative to personal training.

Our staff will provide you with a program at the start of the session, then allow you to work through the session at your own pace. Staff will remain for supervision and guidance if you have any questions about the programming or any exercise.


10 Pack$250

Class times available:

Tuesdays: 7-8pm

Thursdays: 7-8pm

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