I’ve been around here for nearly 20 years. My wife has been with Jane for over 20 years.
The reason we train is to keep healthy, that’s the primary reason for it.

If you don’t train, you just don’t keep your health!
I’m over 80 now so I have to be careful with my body. I’m able to continue playing golf because of
the assistance I’m getting here.
We have to keep this lifestyle up!


"My training is focused around the sports I do which include surfing, running and footy."

"I love the variety in the exercises and I always have heaps of fun during my sessions."


"I’ve been training here for a long time and thoroughly enjoy it.

I have a high stress job, which involves a lot of travel.  I keep my fitness up when I’m away with running.  When I’m here I love the variety of the exercise groups, and over the last couple of years I’ve lost about 15kgs."


What’s fantastic about Fitness Energy is that they individualise my training program.

I’ve had a lot of injuries from poor biomechanics and Jane particularly looks after me and individualizes my training program to suit my needs.

Partner training is great because my friend Helen and I do a lot of endurance walking so we do partner training to meet our needs. It helps prepare us for events and it’s a great social time as well as doing some fantastic training.